Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Liking My Promotion Video

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Monday, April 16, 2018

A Thank You, An Update, and a Request

Thank you for taking the time to open and read this message.  I began writing you in January, but a medical hiccup in my life knocked me on my butt for a while and I'm now trying to get back on my feet.

My original message in January was to thank all of my customers, past, present, and I hope future, for their business.  I'm in my 8th year as a Scentsy Independent consultant, and I certainly could not have done it without your help, for which I am very grateful.  Since January, I have not been able to do much business because of the issues I had to deal with personally. While they continue, I feel I am getting to a point where I can at least do something again.  I will be in chemotherapy treatments until September, so, the day to day activities I can accomplish until then maybe still up in the air. Nevertheless, I want to assure you that I am here and intend on continuing to take care of your Scentsy needs, answer your questions and to help you in any way I can.

Since I am a little limited (I can't do events, shows or really even home parties right now), I am reaching out to you to ask, what can I do for you today?  Everyone receiving this has or had a Scentsy warmer at some point, are you in need of wax? Would you like a new catalog - the product lineup has changed somewhat and gotten so good.  I'll mail you a catalog and some samples if you just ask. Email me, text me at 413-531-1544 or message me via my Facebook presence - the links can be found below.

My last request, especially knowing some of you are remote to me and I couldn't do a home party for you today if I was able.  Would you consider a catalog party? I'll send you a few catalogs, order forms, samples and you share with family and friends and collect orders.  You will earn rewards just as if it were a home party without the hassles of a home party. You'll earn free rewards, half priced items etc. The minimum party I am allowed to enter is $200 in total orders, excluding sales tax.  If you think $200 is too much for you to do, I'll combine what you can do with the orders of others so we can make it happen. To be a bit self-centered, this would really help me during this time I am limited in what I can do outside my house.  Can't do it yourself, maybe you could pass this message along to someone you know who maybe could. There is NO obligation on your part, just try. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Lastly, consider just making an order from my online Web store...  I know you might need some of the new scents we have - I love the new limited time brick offerings - check them out online.  This will help me maintain my business while I recover, as well as the financial help it will provide me - I promise I will make it worth your while (Scentsy compliance policies don’t allow me to say more than that).

I appreciate you and support, past, present and future.
My very best to you.

A note for any former Scentsy Independent Consultants
If you were a former consultant, did you know you an rejoin my team for FREE? It doesn't matter why you stepped away before, there is no time better than today to get a renewed vision and desire to make a difference... If you are coachable, want to learn, I'll help you see the opportunity from a new perspective and guide you along the way. All it takes is an email request to "accounts@scentsy.com" requesting reinstatement onto Dan Greeley's Team. My Scentsy ID is 130672 which you will need to include within your request. Feel free to connect with me at any of the links below before or after you've sent the email.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

So Thankful For the Opportunity

Each and every day I feel so thankful that I stumbled onto the Scentsy opportunity.  If you’ve ever seen my post and wondered what has inspired me for nearly the past 8 years, or felt curious...at all...please let’s chat.  My team is growing and we sure do have a lot of fun together!  It may be a women dominated business, but that’s OK, there’s room for all of us!

I promise, there is no need to overthink this.  Its an opportunity people is every possible situation have succeeded at, you can too.  Just be coachable and willing to learn the simplicity.  There is no wrong answer or limiting precondition, there are answers and solutions, simply ask your questions and jump in!  

What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen???  You decide it’s not for you and you end up with a some of the top premium products on the market for 50% off, and there are no better or safer scents.

What is the absolute best thing that could happen?  I’m going to just let you ponder that.

#DontOverthink #HaveBelief #ItsTimeForChange

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Mother’s Day Specials 2018

There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for you, and every year you get to show her just how much you appreciate her unconditional love and support:


Mother’s Day is May 13, and now is the time to prepare.


Show Mom how much she means to you with the just-right gift bundle from Scentsy. The best part? These bundles were thoughtfully handpicked to take the guesswork out of giving. Just choose the one that best suits the mom in your life, add a handmade card and wait for the happy tears:


If she’s sweet and sentimental:

Home Is Where Your Mom Is Bundle, $50 ($3 savings)

  • NEW! Home Is Where Your Mom Is Warmer
  • Shimmer Scentsy Bar
  • Luna Scentsy Bar
  • Just Breathe Scentsy Bar


If she sees beauty in everyday life:

Love Mother’s Day Bundle, $25 ($18 savings)*

  • Love Warmer
  • Peach & White Amber Scentsy Bar
  • Pineapple Coconut Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • Pink Haze Scentsy Bar


If she loves a simple vase of flowers:

Contempo White Mother’s Day Bundle, $40 ($18 savings)*

  • Contempo White Warmer
  • French Lavender Scentsy Bar
  • Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Bar


If she wants to be pampered:

Mother’s Day Spa Bundle, $25 ($5 savings)

  • A collection of three Body products — Bath Bomb, Hand Cream and Body Cream — in your choice of Pineapple Coconut Vanilla or Mandarin Grapefruit Amber fragrance, wrapped in a beautiful gift bag.
  • New fragrances in Bath Bombs, available for the first time in the Mother’s Day Spa Bundle!



Mother’s Day bundles are available only while inventory designated for this promotion lasts. Don’t wait to get the perfect gift your mom is sure to love!


*The Love Mother’s Day Bundle and Contempo White Mother’s Day Bundle are not available for Half-Price Host Rewards.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

One Week Buddy Sale

Looking to put a little something extra under the Christmas tree? Select Scentsy Buddies are 20 percent off through 11:59 p.m. PT on Thursday, Dec. 7.
While you’re shopping, don’t forget to grab some stylish attire for your Buddies — all Buddy Clothing is also 20 percent off!
Please note: Lenny the Lamb is not included in the 20 percent off sale. Scent Pak options for this sale are limited.
 As with all limited-time-only Scentsy Buddies, inventory is available only while supplies last and select Buddies and Buddy Clothing may sell out before the sale ends. Check for currently available Buddies by clicking over at my online store (https://dangreeley.scentsy.us/shop/c/4462/scentsy-buddies).
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's More Than Amazing Scents

Perhaps the shortest blog post ever ... you should follow the link below and see what Scentsy is really all about.  Maybe you aren't interested in joining my team and becoming an amazing Independent Consultant ... maybe you have scent allergies and can't even use most of our products.  Scentsy is a fragrance company, but it is so much more.  A company who cares about you ... who walks the walk they talk ... and most of all, give more than they take.

Check out the Scenty story by clicking << HERE >>

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Scents of the Season

Fir needles, baked apples, cinnamon sticks … fragrances that bring to mind Christmas trees and homemade sweets and forever friends gathered ’round a cozy fire. These are the delights of the holidays, the stuff of magic, and the inspiration for our new Scents of the Season Collectionavailable Friday, Nov. 17 at 9am PT!
You're going to cherish this limited-time offering of five Scentsy Bars, including two brand-new fragrances:
  • NEW Cranberry & Tinsel: mulled cranberries, Siberian fir needle and cedarwood.
  • NEW Sugar Bells: a sweet medley of finely spun sugar, vanilla bean and honeyed chestnut. 
Plus, three favorites returning from last year: 
  • Blue Christmas: orange peels, cloves, fir needles and cinnamon sticks.
  • St. Nickerdoodle: baked apples, spices and a dusting of powdered sugar.
  • Wassail Wonderland: orange zest, lemon peel and cinnamon stick over fresh fir needles.
These five Scentsy Bars come in a red velvet sack resembling Santa’s bag of goodies, making our Scents of the Season Collection the ideal Christmas gift! This special offer is available only while supplies last, so don’t wait to order!

To make holiday gift-giving as flexible as possible, here are all of the Scents of the Season Collection purchase options:
  • Collection, $24 US (includes velvet sack, while supplies last)
  • Multipack, $24 US (your choice of any 5 Scents of the Season Collection Scentsy Bars, velvet sack not included)
  • Individual Bars, $6 US each
Are you looking for a warmer to go with the Scents of the Season? We have a special gift-giving bundle! Get the Tinsel Warmer and the collection for $35 US.

Scents of the Season

Here’s some of the fine print: 
Scents of the Season Collection, Multipack, and Scents of the Season Collection + Tinsel Warmer cannot be purchased using Half-Price Host Rewards
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Never, ever, forget how amazing you are and can be!