Saturday, April 23, 2016

Coloring With A New Twist

Scentsy has taken the adult color craze to a whole new level with the Reimagine warmer.  Unlike other warmers in the Scentsy lineup, this warmer is designed to allow each customer to use their own creativity and color it in their choice of colors using permanent markers.  The results can be dramatic, brilliant and a great addition to any space.

Once completed, the warmer functions just as all of the other warmers, complete with it's lifetime warranty, to warm any of the numerous wax cubes from the Scentsy bar lineup, heated with a 25w light bulb.  Safer than a candle, no flame, no fires, no soot.

Let your imagination be your guide.  Don't like how it came out or you make a mistake, use a little alcohol and a cotton swab or cotton ball and clean the ink off and give it another try.  I'd love to have you send pictures of your finished works of art.

Order yours online by clicking < here >
Happy coloring