Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Difference Between Winning and Losing...


Change your attitude, then change your actions  
can easily change things from losing to winning

I retired from a full time job after 38 years in April 2014.  I retired, not because I really wanted to, but because I was frustrated with watching my organization fail.  I fought the battle for years trying to inspire, to do the right things for the right reasons and despite it all, there were factors that lead to a demise, as I saw it.  I couldn't fight the battle any longer, I was out numbered, no one cared and it was no longer worth the fight.  So I thought.

I also felt I was a student of learning, following some of the most amazing mentors known to man.  I didn't learn enough.  I didn't let it all soak in.  I should have, I didn't.  I fell down, decided on the lesser of the paths out and retired, because I was in a position I could, and I left the race.

During the past 2 years, since retirement, I've had a chance to reflect.  Sort of a glass half full or glass half empty reflection.  You might note, at the beginning of this post, I described my reasons (and maybe even excuses) for putting the blame for my retirement on others.  Now grant you, I am very happy I have retired, but for different reasons.  It has allowed me to focus on the falling down, more than the reason for falling down.  It's given me an opportunity to reflect on and come to a realization of what some of the real reason for not going foward with the battle any long.  I didn't realize how priorities were scrambled and in the wrong order, and, I didn't realize how, as a student of learning, I hadn't let it all soak in.  When you fall, do you quit the race?  Sure, why not, ther is no chance of recovery.  When are doing things that are all messed up (at least in your thought process), can you easily come up with a list of their faults and your reasons for not getting up, moving forward or even quitting?

Several years ago, a great friend, Kirk Weisler, introduced me to this video (or one just like it shot from a different camera).  I watched, it made sense what I saw.  I'm not sure I applied what I learned.

As Heather Dorniden did, I needed to use the skills I had, get up and finish the race...  and win!  I needed to use the knowledge I had, or obtain more knowledge, and apply it - not make as excuse for what was going on.  You can't change others, you can only provide an opportunity for improvement.  You can't dwell in the past or on past issues, you learn, you apply, you try again.  It's all about you and what you want and need.


I often said to my staff "change will not happen until things change".  That may sound strange but think about it.  Understand, change does not happen over night.  Nevertheless, you can't stay where you are until things change, because they won't change until you do.  I'm still learning and best of all, still changing.

Scentsy is an opportunity for anyone

Doesn't matter what your background, Scentsy offers you an opportunity to change.  To change your life, your family and most importantly, those around you.  We live, work and play on a philosophy of giving more than we take.  Let's get up, and win the race.