Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Unconditional Love, Even in Today's World

Having just returned from Scentsy Family Reunion 2016 in Nashville, I was reflecting on some of the most positive moments... one of the more profound things I heard during Orville Thompson's keynote message really hit the core of the world today and the incredible feeling of being a member of the Scentsy family. He quoted Scentsy brother Brandon Faulkcon saying: "When I am in my uniform, I am hated because I am a cop. When I am not in uniform, I am hated because I am black. When I come to Scentsy, I am loved no matter what I wear
People often wonder why I have been "doing Scentsy" for the past 5+ years and going to my 6th Family Reunion. Brandon's statement sums it up, unconditional love and the feeling of acceptance, all the time. We are a family in a very special way, open and accepting of all who come, all who are looking to improve, all who are looking for an extended loving family, all who want to make a difference in their life, or the life of others.  At Scentsy, we are family.  You can be too.

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