Friday, May 19, 2017

The 8 Stages of Joining My Scentsy Team

How about joining me and my Scentsy Team?  I can just imagine what you're doing or thinking about that question....
  1. You just IGNORE my posts
  2. WHATEVER: he's one of 'those' people
  3. OMG: I'm so sick of seeing all of this!
  4. DENIAL: This could never work for me, but I wish it could, I can't sell
  5. HOPE: Maybe this could work for me?!
  6. QUESTIONS: I want to try this...can you tell me more?
  7. GRATITUDE: This product and business model is amazing!  Why didn't I start sooner?
  8. REFLECTION: Now it all makes sense! I should have listened to Dan long ago!
I'll admit, I have had some of those feelings when seeing the opportunities in front of me.  Quite honestly, there are many companies out there that people have done well with.  I just personally think Scentsy not only has the best overall products, compensation plan, support structure and all, but most of all, it's about the owners, the corporate philosophy and how they care about every one of us.  After 38 years as a mid-level manager, that authenticity experience was new to me.

Being in direct sales is not for everyone.  However, it has made more millionaires than any other opportunity for ANY person that wants to try, is coachable, willing to work (yes, you do have to work), and can believe in yourself.  However, it is NOT all about money.  Forbes says "Pretty much anyone can enter the field. You can set your own hours, taking time off to travel or visit the grandkids, if you want. Start-up costs are often minimal. And it can be fun".  Hmmm, improve your life.

Scentsy has provided me inspiration...  travel... amazing leaders who have helped 100's change their lives.  I get to hang with and talk to positive people, all the time.  

Not ready to join me?  Be my customer, I WILL take care of you!

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